Does it gets any better? What is the point of talking?


With an anxiety disorder for nearly ten years. And recently I was raped.  So on top of the anxiety I now have PTSD and depression. 

I have tried my best to manage it. I saw a therapist once, but the session left me feeling vulnerable and even more depressed.  

I used to say to myself I would get better , until recently I read an article about a rape Survivor who was raped 4 years ago and it still battling depression.

She could easily be me.  I’m already 1 year in this thing.  I could easily go for four years. I still get flashback when I have to pass through certain places. I’m still unable to hold a relationship.  I still have panic attacks anytime I see a call or text from him.

So I’m wondering, what’s the point of talking.  Maybe it’s no longer depression or anxiety or ptsd. Maybe it’s who I am now. 

New Member Asked on April 28, 2017 in DEPRESSION.
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