Am I okay?

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am a university student, in September I came back uni and I was not living close to uni for the first few weeks, so my excuse for missing most of my classes during those weeks was that. Mind you my timetable was horribly packed with 9am’s and full days, I finally moved closer to uni (a 10 minute walk), and I still was hardly making it to class. Up until these last few weeks when I got an email from my uni about concerns. And now I just feel so overwhelmed, the thought alone of walking to u I stresses me, I am constantly crying, the thought of my work load gives me anxiety  and everything just seems to be falling apart. I understand I’m either stressed or overwhelmed ( I spoke to my personal tutor), but I ought to be over this by now, I’M TIRED! I do not know what to do to stop feeling this way, I was so happy in August, I don’t understand what all of these is about, please help.

New Member Asked on December 5, 2017 in ANXIETY / STRESS.
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